Caribbean Coast Superstitions: BABIES!

20 Mar

Throughout the past year I have compiled a mental list of interesting local superstitions about pregnancy and  babies. Strange and funny, maybe, but at the end of the day these superstitions reflect the genuine love and care that mothers here on the Coast show their children.

When you are pregnant and have a sudden craving for a certain type of food and don’t end up fulfilling the craving, your baby will get a birth mark on some part of their body.

When you are pregnant and talk about somebody behind their back, your baby could be born looking like that person.

When pregnant it’s bad for the baby’s health if the mother looks at other pregnant women.

Don’t let a pregnant woman look at young turkeys, because her stare could kill them!

If a pregnant woman looks at the full moon, her baby could be born with a birth defect.

When pregnant, never tell someone how many months you are along because they could use obeah (black magic) against you and your baby.

When pregnant the baby will only allow their mother to have intimate relations with the baby’s father. If someone other than the baby’s father tries making love to the pregnant woman, the fetus will push the trespasser’s “privates” out of their mom’s “privates”.

During the period a mother is breastfeeding, the mother must hold up their breast every time she eats or drinks so that the food arrives first to the breasts and then the mother’s stomach. This helps keep the breasts full with milk.

If someone who is drunk, sick, or who has recently had sex looks at your newborn baby, you must quickly wipe the sweat of that person’s forehead and put it on your baby’s brow. If you don’t successfully complete this process your baby will be “strained” for a few moments and feel uncomfortable.

The color red is good at deflecting people who could potentially “strain” your baby. Newborns should always wear some article of red clothing when in public. Copinol seeds are also good at absorbing “straining” vibrations and the seed, normally greyish, will turn black once it is full with captured “strains”.

When sleeping, babies dream about angels.

If you leave your baby in a room alone, evil spirits can disturb the baby. A good way to avoid evil spirits playing with one’s child is to sleep with the light on and place a bible opened to Psalms 23 next to the baby.

Babies shouldn’t look into mirrors. Although you may only see your reflection, your baby may see evil spirits.

If a bigger person steps over a baby, the baby will grow much slower than normal.

When a baby has hiccups it means they are growing faster. Every hiccup inflates them just a little bit more.

If a baby is constantly picked up, they will grow to be tall and thin.

It’s good luck if a baby pees on you.

You can’t cut your baby’s hair until they start to talk otherwise they will develop a stutter.

If you tickle your baby’s feet too much they will also develop a stutter.

If you don’t band down your newborn baby’s navel, they will develop an “outtie”.

If you don’t pinch the bridge of your baby’s nose every day, they may grow up to have a crooked nose.

A baby’s fontenelle (also known as a soft spot, “mole” in creole English, or “moldeamiento” in Spanish) can” lower” if the baby sneezes to hard. Basically, this means the baby’s skin on their skull sticks to the brain. The best way to “pick up” the baby’s mole is to rub a mixture of camphor and sweet oil on the soft spot. A quick fix to “bring up” the mole is to gently pat your baby’s rump.

If your baby’s hair turns amber red at any point, they will grow up to be mischievous.

To treat a baby’s hiccups, you should wet a small piece of thread and put it on their forehead. If you don’t…..your being mean to your baby.

Red Copinol seed bracelet and a piece of wet thread on the forehead. Ready for action!

Red Copinol seed bracelet and a piece of wet thread on the forehead. Ready for action!


6 Responses to “Caribbean Coast Superstitions: BABIES!”

  1. Ann Hart March 20, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    Chris, these r cool. Where did u get them? Love the one about babies dreams.
    Ann Mommy

    • chrissparadeo March 20, 2014 at 2:34 pm #

      Thanks Aunt Ann. I mostly got this stuff from my wife, the in-laws, friends and neighbors. People are pretty superstitious here on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. But like I said, it’s a love thing!

  2. Thomas Jacobs March 21, 2014 at 12:28 pm #

    Interesting…. in our US culture, I guess a lot of woman talk about the Mailman behind his back….

    • chrissparadeo March 21, 2014 at 2:29 pm #

      Haha ! We’ll in a city of 55,000 Bluefields still doesn’t have a single mail man….so down here it would have to be the guy selling mosquito nets door to door…. now that you mention it……….

  3. Uncle Tommy March 24, 2014 at 11:54 pm #

    Karen and i enjoyed these and since she raised Jules and I helped with the gals we appreciated the “Good Luck” we recieved when tinkled upon! Haha…can’t wait to meet ur wife and son in May!!! Love to all…ps I am giving a talk on Tai Chi to OT’s which will post on you tube…I am wearing the Nicaraguan shirt you gave me in your honor! Gracias!

  4. Seth Tracy April 21, 2015 at 5:01 am #

    These are great! Did you practice any of these with young danielito? If so lemme know the ones I should be trying out with my little one?

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